Welcome to Integration Central!

If you are a community health organization, this site will help you survive and thrive in the world of integration pressures and opportunities.

Across the human services sectors, integration has become a key system driver. We in the community health sector welcome the tremendous opportunities integration offers for our fragmented health system to offer holistic, client-centred care. We want to see an integrated, coordinated system which addresses the social determinants of health as the key to a healthy society. We are, however, critical of “quick fix” integration which does nothing of the sort. We constantly monitor both types of developments and through this site offer our best wisdom to help you to navigate these integration currents.

The site is structured to provide insight into the whole spectrum of health system integration in Ontario and to help you zero in quickly on exactly what you want. Its sections move from the context to the final steps of integration.

Government Directives

This section will help you understand the context of health system integration in Ontario by providing key directives from the Ontario government ministries, Local Health Integration Networks and other levels of government.


Making Integration Work

An overview of the many different kinds of integration that you can pursue, from simply sharing an accountant to actually merging with another organization, plus case studies and reports to provide the perspective you need to make the best integration decisions for your organization.


Connecting with Other Organizations

Who is out there to collaborate with? What existing constellations could you tap into? This section provides information on who is out there to make connections with in the different sectors, and how some organizations are already connected with one another.


Tools for Transformation

It’s one thing to agree on an integration plan in principle — it’s another to implement structural transformation and manage the process. Look at this section before you finalize your integration plan: it will help you to understand how integration can impact many aspects of an organization, from governance to human resources, and offers you tools to manage all those changes.


This site is a joint creation of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario and the Community Health Ontario partners —
Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, the Ontario Community Support Association and the Association of Ontario Health Centres — working together to advocate for integration in keeping with community health values. For details, see About This Site.