Community Health Integration Maps

In response to the integration pressures we all face, Community Health Ontario’s Healthy Community Collaborations project conducted a survey of integration activities across the three sectors we represent: mental health and addictions, community support, and community-governed primary care.

Survey results will yield network maps for each LHIN, demonstrating the extent of the community sector’s integration within and beyond the health system. Results will also demonstrate our ability to address the needs of the whole person and our willingness to continue leading integration efforts in keeping with community health values. They will help all of us identify future opportunities for the kind of integration which helps us survive, thrive and serve the needs of our clients. Network maps will be produced by our partner Health Nexus.

Below you can see an example of a network map and the way that it helped those surveyed to grow their networks.

The left-hand image below depicts a network before a months-long network improvement strategy. The right-hand image shows the same network five years after participating in Health Nexus’ Connecting the Dots process. Note the significantly increased density of connections.


Integration maps for each LHIN are coming soon!

We are creating integration maps for each LHIN and analyzing the information to identify key challenges and opportunities. We expect to disseminate full results in the fall of 2013.