Position Statements

Bringing the Pieces Together: A Strategy to Transform Primary Care - A position paper from the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFT) proposing a hubs of care approach motivated by concern that the Excellent Care for All Act may lead LHINs to impose governance structures.
Community Health Ontario (CHO) Commitment to Integration - The members of Community Health Ontario (CHO) affirm their commitment to strong, community-based services that are integrated and coordinated with the acute care system, and a health system that addresses the social determinants of health as the key to a healthy society.
Community Health Ontario (CHO) Statement - The members of Community Health Ontario (CHO) outline their commitment to integration.
Creating a Common Framework for Integration - A Discussion Paper developed by the LHIN Leadership Council which suggests common principles to adopt across the health system and updates the categories of integration laid out in the 2006 LHIN Act.
Integration Song Sheet - A guide to help board members, staff, and member agencies to understand how to use the Community Health Ontario (CHO) Integration Charter and its supporting documents.
Local Health Hubs for Rural and Northern Communities - Paper developed by OHA’s Small, Rural and Northern Hospitals Advisory Group to provide advice on advancing the rural/northern health hub concept from a provincial policy and regional LHIN planning perspective.
Moving Towards a High-Performing Health System: Supporting Primary Care Improvement - This PowerPoint presentation outlines and provides data to support the Ontario Hospital Associations (OHA)’s position on the need to strength primary care and bring it into closer alignment with other health services.
Paths to Prosperity: Patient-Centred Health Care - Conservative Party Position paper on health system restructuring, which suggests abolition of LHINs and CCACs and consolidation of all other health organizations under hospital-led hubs.