Collaboration Coach - The Collaboration Coach website provides analysis, tools and stories to help community organizations to collaborate effectively on any form of integration up to but excluding mergers or amalgamations.
Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network Integration Checklist - A checklist that organizations have to submit to the LHIN when they decide to integrate.
Governance and Managerial Transformation Readiness Survey - This Transformation Readiness Survey was designed by Ted Ball to provoke thinking about “what needs to change” at the governance and managerial levels of your organization to conform to new provincial standards, structures and reporting requirements, and to adapt best practices in organizational design to your unique circumstances.
Quantum Transformation Technologies - Blog by consultant Ted Ball offering information, analysis and services related to health system transformation.
Rural Health Sciences Network Website - Website created by the Rural Health Sciences Network, which brings together the majority of LHIN-funded health care providers in a rural area of the South-East LHIN.