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2012 to present

Health Links will encourage greater collaboration between existing local health care providers, including family care providers, specialists, hospitals, long-term care, home care and other community supports. With improved coordination and information sharing, patients will receive faster care, will spend less time waiting for services and will be supported by a team of health care providers at all levels of the health care system.

Health Links put family care providers at the centre of the health care system. By bringing local health care providers together as a team, Health Links will help family doctors to connect patients more quickly with specialists, home care services and other community supports, including mental health services. For patients being discharged from hospital, the Health Link will allow for faster follow-up and referral to services like home care, helping reduce the likelihood of re-admission to hospital.

All Health Links will have a coordinating partner such as a Family Health Team, Community Health Centre, Community Care Access Centre or hospital. Other members of the Health Link must be willing and able to collaborate in order to better and more quickly coordinate health care services for high-need patients such as seniors and others with complex conditions.

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