The Personalysis Assessment of Individual Effectiveness

James R. Noland
1975, updated to present

Personalysis is a proprietary personality assessment tool intended to provide insights into how people think, feel, deal with others, and cope under stress. There is a charge to use this service, though you can sign up for a free newsletter. A 15-minute online questionnaire results in the Personalysis Report, a written personality interpretation, and the Personalysis Colorgraph, a graphical personality snapshot. The results are intended to reveal behavioral strengths, vulnerabilities, stress behaviors, motivators, learning style, effective communication approaches and preferred working styles. According to the site: "Today’s corporate environment requires you to work closely with others to achieve organizational goals, yet the shortened time frames and greater geographical distances no longer allow you the luxury of “hit or miss” relationship building…..You can take the guesswork out of understanding people and why they do what they do."

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