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Rural Health Sciences Network
Created in 2009, last updated in 2013

Website created by the Rural Health Sciences Network, which brings together the majority of LHIN-funded health care providers in a rural area of the South-East LHIN. Includes a Health Services Alliance vision as well as a set of documents related to Creating a Blueprint for Healthcare Transformation – Strategic Integration of Primary Health Care and Acute Care. The Blueprint documents concern the development of an Integrated Health Care Network for Hastings, Prince Edward and part of Northumberland counties in the SE LHIN. They include a Forum Report, a Proposal, a Primary Health Care Gap Analysis, Demonstration Project Resource Materials, and Presentation Materials. The proposal envisions new community‐based Integrated Health Care Centre Networks (IHCCN) based on the specific needs of the local community with a set of “Core Services” being provided at the “Centre Hub(s)” of each geographic sub‐planning catchment area.

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